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A lasting state of health results from an ongoing commitment to wellness. 

At Driftwood Acupuncture & Wellness, we believe that the absence of disease presents the opportunity to further enhance health and vitality.

We endeavor to educate, inspire and empower you to make better lifestyle choices and to find your own unique path to wellbeing.



"When I'm feeling run down and achy from countless daily stresses it's Anita that I go to for recharging. She has a gracious way about her that immediately puts me at ease and she seems to know exactly where to put those tiny needles to bring relief to my chronic low back pain and emotional tension.  A big plus with Anita is that she is very skilled with a special form of Chinese medicinal massage called Tui Na that she uses to work out the big knots in my upper back. When I leave a session with her I feel nourished and replenished".

Daniel M.


" I have had hip pain for the past 6 months and after 2 treatments from Anita it was gone.
I also tried facial rejuvenation and I found it to be very effective.
when I got back to New York,  a few of my friends asked me what I had done to look so well.
Too bad that I live so far away, I would love to be treated by Anita on a regular basis!
If you want to feel great and look younger  get treated by Anita!!!!"

Marielle L.


"I had some  treatments at Driftwood Acupuncture and Wellness and it has been the best thing for me. I was able to get rid of some of my issues, and am still working on some others.
Anita is totally dedicated and very thorough: She follows up to see how I feel after my treatments or whenever I am taking new herbs. I have always been afraid of needles, but Anita is so gentle that I barely felt a thing. She talks you through the process, which I found to be very comforting.
I would highly recommend Driftwood Acupuncture to anyone who needs to get rid of pain and wants to feel better again."

Gemma C.

I've always been skeptical about alternative medicine and acupuncture. But when I woke up with a searing muscle spasm in my neck, we went to the doctor, and he helped a bit. But then my mom called Anita. With maybe twenty, thirty minutes of work on me, she helped me to double my range of motion in my neck. She also placed some very very tiny beads on my ear that would constantly stimulate certain points. If I press on them, the slight pain that I still have goes away instantly. My experience with Anita was excellent and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Anita!

Jeremy M.




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